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The $38,000 Question - Part One - Sedans

By: Anthony Fongaro Original Post: Take a look at this number: 38,000. While it seems like a random number, it’s actually quite important in the automotive industry. $38,000 is the average price of a new car in 2020. Unsurprisingly, the average price of a new car increases yearly. Looking at the increasing average shows how purchasing power and manufacturer prices influence what we buy. Although we are looking at the new car price average, there are many great vehicles that can be bought for well under $38,000. Since there are many kinds of vehicles on sale, let’s take a look at those four-door cars we call sedans. Starting off with this series, what can you buy new for $38,000? Let’s take a look at vehicles that start near $38,000 along with cars that can get near or slightly above the average. First, some of the sedans that start near the average price. Looking at the top three luxury German brands, yo

Stuttgart Struttin': Porsche Prestige for Under $50,000

By: Anthony Fongaro Original Post: Porsche, the brand from Stuttgart that creates high-performance vehicles ranging from a compact SUV to the iconic 911 and the new all-electric Taycan. Porsche utilizes a combination of performance and luxury to deliver compelling vehicles that win a plethora of awards. The problem with those award-winning vehicles is, they aren’t exactly cheap... It easy to add more than $40,000 in options when ordering Porsche and it's not unheard of to option a car out to cost over $200,000. Since they are so expensive, let’s go all the way to the bottom of the barrel. Let’s look at...a base Porsche vehicle. Exciting. According to , the entry-fee into Porsche-land is the $51,000 base 2020 Macan. Since this is a Porsche, let's look at the stats. The base Macan is equipped with a 2.0-liter inline-4 producing 248 hp and 273 lb-ft. A 7-speed PDK double-clutch ge